WhatsApp introduce new feature to retrieve deleted messages


WhatsApp introduce new feature to retrieve deleted messages

WhatsApp, the world’s most used instant messaging application, has finally introduced a feature to recover accidentally deleted messages after a long time.

In June 2022, it was reported that WhatsApp experts were working on an undo feature to bring back accidentally deleted messages on the application.

Later the company gave access to the said feature to limited users to test it, but now it has been rolled out to all users.

If you are a WhatsApp user then you must have seen the new feature in your app a few days back and if not then check it out now.

The above feature works when any user deletes a message only for themselves instead of accidentally deleting it for everyone.

A common mistake users make when deleting a wrong message after sending a wrong message in a group or chat is that they delete the message only for themselves instead of everyone, including the recipient.

However, now if anyone mistakenly deletes a message only for himself instead of others, then he will see the word undo on the screen.

And users will be able to get back the deleted message by clicking on the word undo and then they can delete it for everyone.

The above feature will not work when the user deletes any message for everyone.

It should also be noted that the user will have only 5 seconds to retrieve the deleted message, after which the feature will not work, that is, if someone realizes their mistake and undoes the message within five seconds. undo) then OK otherwise the deleted message will not be returned.

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