Twitter announcing new features

Twitter announcing new features

Elon Musk, the owner of the micro-blogging website Twitter, told users on the occasion of 2023 that several features are being introduced soon on the platform, including improving the search for content, including a better profile picture.

Recently, the ‘View’ feature was introduced on Twitter, under which each user now also knows the number of people who have seen or read their tweets and this feature used to come only in videos, now it is available on every tweet. Edited.

New Featuers

Similarly, now Elon Musk has announced the introduction of several new features and said that the new features will be introduced in January itself.

He said in one of his tweets that the platform is going to offer great features for people who want to search for content or favorite tweets or see tweets of their favorite people.

He said that Twitter will soon introduce a navigation feature, under which users can reach their favorite content by swiping their screen from one side to the right and left.

Under this feature, Twitter’s home newsfeed will be divided into multiple sections and users will be able to access top, latest and trending tweets by swiping the icon or screen.

It is worth mentioning here that content can be viewed in only one way on Twitter’s home news feed at the moment.

At this time, new tweets are automatically uploaded on Twitter’s news feed, while old and popular tweets can also be seen by clicking on the star on the front of the screen, but the content is decided by Twitter. The algorithm does.

In addition to the navigation feature, Elon Musk also announced the introduction of a bookmark feature on Twitter, under which the user will be able to save his favorite tweets in one place and read them when the time comes.

According to Elon Musk, all things bookmarked under this feature will remain private.

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